Safari Bookmark Folder Control

I have some Mac Safari bookmark folders - one of these folders has a tiny square next to it. When I click on the folder automatically opens all contained bookmarks. Nice.

I forgot how to control the setting. Does anyone recall how to set this up?

You mean the sign on the right of an Bookmark-Folder?
This is only visible, if you have a folder that has some bookmarks in it.

Or do you mean, how to create a folder?
There is a point for that in the list (6th from the Top in my version) Bookmarks of the Safari-Menu to create a new Folder.

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Thanks for the help. I guess I could have explained this better.

Actually I did find it - when you control click on the folder - there is a choice called “Automatically replace tabs” (awkward name…)

After you set this - you are able to just click on the folder name and it will automatically open all the contained tabs with just one click.

I hope I explained this better…

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And for what it’s worth - I much prefer this method over the newer tab groups because these bookmark folders Keep All Contents unlike tab groups that will lose the tab memory if you close a tab.


Interesting function, I wasn’t even aware of that…

But “very dangerous”, if you just want to “play” with it, as it just deletes all open Tabs, and replaces them with the ones inside the Folder.

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And you just showed me the delete aspect. I wasn’t thinking about that - thanks!

My normal behavior would be to make a new window first - then click that button - so it wouldn’t matter in that regard.

It is an old function that may have changed over the years (and maybe did NOT delete others in the past) … but I can’t remember at this point.

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