Safari/Finder issue

I have issues with Safari when I need to upload a file from my local drive to some online service, then the Finder dialogue to choose the files never opens and when I do the exact same thing in Google Chrome for Mac, then there is no problem.

I asked Apple Support, but they suggested I read a totally unrelated support article.

Can anyone help?

Based on reports I found on Google it appears to be a reoccurring bug in Safari going back to at least 2021. In each case the fix was an update from Apple.

Do you have a link to what you found online? This is the link Apple Support gave me. Not of much use

Since I didn’t find a solution I didn’t save my search. I believe I entered the following into Google: can’t upload files safari mac

I did find this suggestion this morning that might help.

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Let’s call that a solution for now, thanks! I will look into it later. That one can drag and drop files onto the upload button was new to me :blush:

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