Safari iPad - "Request Desktop site" not honored

There are two sites in particular I prefer to use in the browser view, 1) Facebook - because I can’t stand their nosy app and 2) GMail because I do like the keyboard shortcuts and the overview I get in the native HTML view. However, both these sites tend to revert to “stupid mode” with a one column view, clearly designed for a phone in portrait mode.

I keep the Safari setting “request desktop site” ON for all sites, I also go to the “www.” address, but still… that gdmnd returns. For GMail, it may work for a session, but if I return to the same tab a few hours later, that too has dropped into a “mobile-friendly” view.

I’m on a 12.9" iPad Pro screen in landscape - how can I convince these sites to honor my request for the standard “desktop” style site?

I’ve never used Facebook but I’ve had the same problem with Gmail, until recently. I changed to the “new Gmail view” (in Quick Settings) and I logged into instead of

I don’t know which fixed the problem (or was it both?) but now I get the full gmail desktop version.

Just cleared Safari and logged into gmail again. It appears choosing the new gmail view was the fix.

Well, after all, it is a REQUEST for Desktop Site and not a demand or an ultimatum! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t.   

Thanks Wayne, that seems to have done something. I was already at, but the simple act of entering this way instead of going direct has, this far, kept the correct UI-version alive. So weird…

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That’s what I’m worried about…