Safari is completely missing on iPhone?

Hi all.

Strange issue with my wife’s new iPhone 12 Pro - restored from iCloud backup after her iPhone 11 was stolen:

Safari is completely missing. It’s nowhere. Not even when searched for in Settings. Not in the app library either. Just, not there. :open_mouth:

How on earth do we get it back? It’s not an option on the App store either, so not really sure where to go from here.

Any suggestions?

Random suggestion: if you use the Open App action in Shortcuts, is Safari there? And regardless, what happens if you use the Open URL action? That might kick things into place.

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You may have restricted it. Check Settings>General>Restrictions and make sure Safari is not disabled.


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Thanks all. @RosemaryOrchard ’s suggestion sees a “Safari is restricted” message come up, and @JohnAtl provided the solution! No idea how that happened!

Edit: For some bizarre reason, my wife’s iPhone has picked up my son’s Screen-time restrictions. My son and daughter are linked to my account, and I manage their screen time from my phone. My wife has her own, completely separate iCloud/AppleID account — so no idea how that came to be. But oh well, sorted now.