Safari - is there a way to automatically convert Tabs into Bookmarks?

Due to a recent discussion about RAM and Swap, I am overthinking the way I use my Safari.
Unfortunately I am one of those, who have a lot of Tabs open, because I want to “read it later”, and never found the time to do so.
In the past, I sometimes saved those Tabs into Bookmarks, to keep them for a later reference, but I do this rather seldom, which impairs the performance of my system.
I use several Tabgroups to sort my Tabs, and this is impairing the system even more, as those Tabs remain “active”.

I am looking for an App, Extension, or other idea how to automate the conversion of Tabs sitting in Tabgroups into Bookmarks to do so like every night, to keep the swap small, and the performance high.

Do tabs in tab groups remain active? It feels like Tab Groups are reloaded when you switch to the Tab and the rest of tabs get unloaded. Or at least I see frequent full reloads when switching tab groups.

I am not sure about their behavior.
Yesterday, when I closed Safari to restart my iMac, as I do every couple of days, to keep it running smoothly, I had around 120GB within RAM and Swap, that related to Safari.
That, together with the names of the websites within the Activity Monitor, I would assume that those websites where still active.
After switching Safari on again, I have not touched any of the Tabgroups yet, and it remains at around 20GB RAM for Safari.
I just called up one of my Tabgroups, and the RAM jumped up by about 15GB right away. But after leaving the Group again, it stays at that level.
So I would assume, that the Websites stay active, until Safari is closed, and then remain sleeping, until the Tabgroup is called up again.

Yeah, that was my assumption but after checking my Safari I now believe that tabs are kept active based on recent usage and service workers, not based on the tab group they belong to :frowning: Perhaps they become inactive after several hours?

Does it behave differently if you set the “Debug > Disable Per-Tab Web Processes”? Anyway you are going to feel a performance hit :frowning: so that would not be a solution.

What I do for this particular use case (reading later) is to drag & drop the URL to the desktop to a folder (“Inbox”) that I religiously process at the end of the day. But that is the same thing as “Adding a Bookmark” into an “Inbox” folder and then categorizing it using the Bookmark Manager.

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That is unfortunately my problem, I miss that frequently or do not find the time for it, so the sites are accumulating and if I found the time, I am standing in front of a hugh amount without any way to really work with it.
So, it would be helpful to find an automatism, to at least get all Tabs converted into Bookmarks automatically, so I at least do not end up regularly with an dropping system performance due to this.

Maybe I find a way to have KeyboardMaestro, Alfred or Shortcut/Automator handle this?

Perhaps a Safari extension, there are some that are certainly intriguing:

…and you have the ubiquitous Anybox as well, but it’s a little more far away from your use case. You could also try Orion Browser, which is pretty aggresive with tab sleeping and is webkit based.