Safari Killing Internet Connection

I’m on a 14" MBP and Safari is killing my internet connections for a few seconds, periodically. Here’s the scenario: I can be working in Chrome for hours and then open Safari and it will say “Not connected to the internet” in the Safari window. I know that it’s actually taking down the internet connection though and not just an issue in Safari because my VPN drops, Spark shows a “not connected” error, etc. I have Private Relay and Prevent Cross Site Tracking turned off.

Are you on any kind of VPN or similar connection?

One I’ve used does that if you don’t jump through some annoying mildly hoops every time you connect.

I do occasionally use a VPN for AWS, but it’s a VPN client and this issue occurs even when I’m not connected to the VPN.

I can’t say if Safari is killing my connection, but I’m getting lots of random “not connected to the Internet” experiences in Safari. I have and eero network and was wondering if maybe there’s something that got recently blacklisted that occurs on some sites.

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I’ve been seeing these messages periodically on Safari. It’s a little puzzling as the same site opens fine on the Brave browser and Safari sometimes starts working again if I quit and relaunch the app and clear the cache.

p.s. I’m also on eero and use the eero Secure services.

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“… not connected to the Internet” is one of those misleading things that Apple (and others, but especially Apple) seems to throw out there as a response to any number of actual issues. Sometimes it’s as simple as a failed DNS lookup when that lookup is used to determine network status.

“… not connected to the Internet” when combined with other apps dropping connection is a more concrete indication that there’s something more seriously wrong. With consumer network equipement it can be all kinds of things includig a resource exhaustion issue (too many concurrent connections), flaky hardware, buffer overruns, none of the above.

Does this happen only when you start Safari? If so, what is your start page? Does it happen if you have Safari start with a blank page?

Yes, that’s the thing… it kills the connection completely and it’s ONLY Safari. I can use Chrome for hours with no issues and then open Safari and everything drops for a few seconds; it doesn’t seem to be a broader network issue. No other devices are experiencing this. My wife has two Macs and I haven’t heard a peep from her. I’ll try changing my home page to a blank page and see what happens.

I’ve had a similar issue as well, where suddenly Safari doesn’t even want to try to connect, but Firefox has no problem.