Safari no connection after sleep

I recently started to experience an annoying issue with Safari. Simply put, safari does not load any website if the laptop just woke up from sleep. For the first 30/40 seconds, I am unable to open any website on safari, I do not get any error, it just remains stuck at loading.
I know it is not a connection issue, as Brave do work without any issues while safari doesn’t.
I tested with several pages, and disabled all the extensions. Quitting and restarting safari solve the problem.
The problem does not present itself always. It seems to me that the problem only appear after the mac sleep for a while. Maybe it is an issue with hibernation?

I sincerely have no clue on what could cause such behaviour and, more importantly, how to solve it. Any idea on how to fix it? Anyone else with the same issue?

Is your software up to date? Anything reported in the Console Log?

Software is up to date (12.6 on M1) but I sincerely didn’t check the console log. I forgot to check the console, thanks for the advice. Next time I will try to see If something pop up

So Safari has issues was Brave does not. Any other browser or network utility to check for a tie break?

Edit: the reason is that Brave could be performing its own networking tricks, so perhaps some config like DNS, iCloud VPN, would be overriden by Brave.

Do you have „Private Relay“ activated?

quite late in answering (sorry!) but
I have a DNS profile from controld (ad-block service similar to nextdns) installed, and switching it off it does resolve the issue for safari. I could only test it this weekend unfortunately.
However, I still do not understand why brave works and safari doesn’t with the profile activated.
I will re-activate the profile and test with other browser!

edit: I forgot to mention that there’s nothing on the console.log and everything is up to date :confused:

Probably it’s using its own DNS system and overrides the system one.