Safari on iOS 13

I have recently purchased my wife a new iPad to replace her old one (an iPad 2) that could not be upgraded to iOS 13. She uses the iPad (amongst othet things) to access web based training material provided to her employer by a company called In the assessment section of their their course it is required to connect questions to answers using drag and drop. This worked fine on Safari on her old iPad, but doesn’t work on the new one.

Clearly there is some difference in either the (out of the box) set up or behaviour Safari under iOS 13, but I am perplexed as to what that might be.

Needless to say this is entirely my fault, so I would greatly appreciate any help!

You could try using Safari to Request Desktop Website.

Alternatively, for sites that have issues connecting to iOS I recommend iCab Mobile and setting the user-agent string to Windows.

To add something further to this sorry saga I thought I’d try to connect a Magic Trackpad using these instructions. The iPad doesn’t even see it, or a Magic Mouse 2! Bluetooth is on and seeing my iMac and iPhone, how can this be?

I will try that, thanks.

There are still a lot of bugs in iOS 13. One such bug I have seen is where the desktop version isn’t coming up and there is no way to request it like there was in previous versions. There are website elements not showing up is another bug. I want to use Safari all the time, but I have been going with other browsers because I don’t want to deal with issues.

Actually, this is the other way around. iOS 13 defaults to the desktop version on the iPad. Pressing the “Aa” symbol in the address bar will allow you to request the Mobile version.

I have found times where websites I frequent don’t work in iOS 13 and when I request the desktop version they work better.