Safari on iPad, Keyboard Shortcut

Does anyone knows how to go the search field in Safari using Keyboard. I always have to touch it with finger and wondering if there is way to go the search field with keyboard and type without lifting the finger from the keyboard.


Are you talking about a Bluetooth keyboard without a trackpad? If so, Command + T will take you to the Search Bar in Safari.

Isn’t that the CMD + F key combo?

Edit: ah… I misinterpreted “search field”

Search field I mean , the address field for the website. If I want to type in another web address , I have to click in that field and then the curser appears. CMD + N opens another tab with address field highlighted. What I wanted to is to highlight/select the address field in the current tab and then type.

I believe what you’re looking for is Command+L


That is correct. With CMD + L you go to the address bar and with CMD + F you do a search on the page.

If you want an overview of all shortcuts / key combo’s check out Cheatsheet:

It’s a great little free app that shows the shortcuts for the app by pressing and holding CDM (like on the iPad)