Safari security extensions

Hi Everyone,
Ive been using Firefox but have decided to move back to Safari.

On Firefox I ran uBlocker and HTTPS everywhere. I tweaked uBlocker’s settings by selecting both “Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses” & “Block CSP reports”. I also selected “3rd-party frames” in global as red. These settings did break a few sites but they were easily reversed.

My primary goal is blocking malicious content (i.e. the iFrames rule I used in uBlocker) and trackers rather than just advertisements.

Should I run some Safari security extensions? What are some suggestions?

It’s not really a security extension, but I use AdGuard for Safari, an ad blocker, because malware is sometimes distributed via ads.

PS: I can’t run the full App because it’s incompatible with antivirus software installed by IT…