Safari tab groups not showing name of group in Sonoma

Just upgraded to Sonoma… I really use tab groups a lot in Safari. After upgrading, if I click on “Window” I know longer see the name of the tab group. Instead, it just shows the last tab in that group. Previously, it would show “Tab Group Name- name of tab”

So I don’t know what tab group I’m in unless I remember what tab group that site was in, or have to click on Sidebar to see tab groups. What am I missing?!- thanks.

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Look to the left side of the safari toolbar. It should show the name of the current tab group. It’s called the tab group picker. If you don’t have a tab group open, it just shows a little “down-tick”.

Thanks much for the quick reply! I had just seen that! That definitely works for me, so I guess it makes sense to have taken it out of the window names.

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I was struck by the same thing as the original post, missing the tab group names in the Window menu.

Unfortunately, my use for this is slightly different, as I use that primarily to find the window with the tab group of a particular project. Since I have about 8 windows open with 6 different project (and 2 with other random tabs), it was extremely helpful to have the tab group names in the Window menu. It was also very helpful to find the right window to share in a video call since the tab group name also showed up in that window picker.

Additionally I prefix all tab groups with a folder emoji to distinguish between named tab groups and other window.

So if someone knows of a way to restore the old behaviour to prefix Safari window names with the tab group name, I would be very grateful to learn of it.
(I also submitted feedback FB13223497 to Apple asking to restore the previous behaviour)