Safari Tech. Preview 126 - Monterey Safari on Big Sur

It’s out and IMHO it looks just lovely. Especially this very site with its black tab bar at the top.

Edit: as soon as I posted this, I had to restart the app to get the black tab bar to return…not quite bug free.


I found this page: Downloads - Safari - Apple Developer

it says coming soon for Mac OS 11

Where are you getting it?

It worked yesterday - they must have closed it.

Update 2021-06-21 5:56:33 PM PST: it’s back and available again - still v. 126

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I got it today in Software update in System Preferences.

Pushback agains the new tab redesign seems to be big.

As for me, I’m truly loving it.

I feel like the new design is something that I’ll get used to over time. It feels weird right now, but I can see how once I’m familiar it’ll feel more like home.

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Was hoping the new safari could catchup on some things like blurred background in google meets, but sad to see that’s not the case :frowning:

Brave released their brave search beta today ( but there is also no way in Safari to switch the search to something custom. Hmm.

I am a Safari nut and it’s by far the browser I want to use the most, but after being forced to use Brave to properly work with Google products (mainly meet), I feel it’s getting hard to stay with safari

Unrelated question but is there any way to set the user-agent for one site? Like, not globally but only for one site, but permanent

Is it just me and Pilot error. Created two Tab Groups that disappeared after closing Safari.

Are Tab Groups supposed to be temporary?

In my experience, they are kept even after closing all Safari windows, but will not be restored after quiting the app.

Perhaps something else in Monterrey or iOS/ipadOS will make this more permanente across devices and running instances.

It would be bad to lose these tab groups if there’s a crash in Safari or the need to force quit for any reason.

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To be fair, this is Google’s fault as it’s probably using native features of the Chrome engine that are not available on Safari or Firefox for that matter. Browser wars did not end!

Well this is annoying. 127 is out and it has disabled the tinting of the toolbar on Big Sur. Boring.

I’m running iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 public betas, but not Monterey (and not planning to) but trying the STP. My tab groups aren’t syncing between devices though — is anyone else in the same circumstance that can comment?