Safari to advertiser: "you're doing just fine"

Safari 15 has this weird general setting:

Allow privacy-preserving measurement of ad effectiveness
Let advertisers measure how they’re doing without associating ad activity with you.

Some sort of Apple double talk, I suppose. Whatever that means, I turned off.


Something like, “50 out of 8,009 people who mentioned beanie babies in the last 30 days went to your website. Here is your bill for $23.”

There’s a lot of detail about the feature here. Worth reading the whole thing if you’ve time. In short, limited tracking parameters in links can be tracked by the browser and those limited parameters are anonymously reported to the advertiser a random amount of time later, straight from the device. I haven’t followed closely enough to know to what degree this will be adopted by advertisers. Opting in users by default on the minor release is…interesting.

Ah, advertisers. Bless their pointy little heads. They don’t need my random data.


Even if it’s anonymized and extremely unspecific?

Why in the world would anyone willingly opt in to provide data to support Apple’s advertising sales?

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Some people must’ve opted in. Otherwise, Apple wouldn’t have provided such a setting if nobody actually toggled it on.

Well spotted, I also turned this off as I don’t like sending any type of data to advertisers.


I’m confused. Your theory is Apple provided a setting for people to opt in to providing Apple with anonymized personal browsing data because people were opting in to provide Apple with anonymized personal browsing data.

I don’t think logic work that way because I don’t think logic work that way.

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Okay, how does it work then?

If a certain toggle/feature was used by absolutely nobody, don’t you think Apple would’ve axed it by now?