Safari to GoodNotes export. Any ideas?

Does anybody know of a good way to export a reader-view news article from Safari to GoodNotes? (On iPadOS I would like to be able to read and annotate news articles in GoodNotes.)

This current process works but has many steps:

  1. Go to a news site in Safari (possibly logged in behind a subscription paywall)
  2. Turn on Show Reader View in Safari
  3. Gesture a screenshot by swiping in from botttom left corner with pencil
  4. Slide toggle to “Full Page”
  5. Press the share button
  6. Press “Open in GoodNotes”
  7. Press Open
  8. Press Import as New Document
  9. Press folder name, eg. “News”
  10. Press “Import to News”

Using a direct export from Safari (share button > Open in GoodNotes) would be ideal, but it (i) doesn’t preserve the reader view and (ii) seems to trigger a fresh download without being logged into the news site, i.e. the content in GoodNotes may show a login page for the news site instead of the actual news content.

[EDIT] Disregard my original post. you are basically already doing what I was recommending. I just read too fast.

Another relatively hidden method that I learned very recently:

Open webpage in Safari > tap share menu > tap “Options” located at the top of the share sheet > choose “Reader PDF”.

  • Put into reader view in Safari.
  • From Share choose Print.
  • When the print preview opens, do a three-finger spread gesture from the center of the preview to open a PDF (1)
  • Import that to GoodNotes with the “Open in GoodNotes” action.

(1) This method of getting a PDF from the print dialog has been around in iOS/iPadOS for quite a while.

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Thanks for the new ideas @xurc and @quorm. I didn’t know about both of these.

The amount of work for each method is pretty similar. Here’s a comparison…

  1. The method in the original post takes 10 steps and preserves the reader-view formatting.

  1. The “Reader PDF” options method takes 11 steps (this is because the option doesn’t have a memory and defaults back to the Automatic option, meaning that you need to reset it on each export) and gave large text and moved the article’s image away from its caption.

  1. The share via print method was also 11 steps, again gave the large text, but was more consistent in that the article images turned out to be in the correct place.

IMHO the reader-view formatting of method 1 is easier to read. I might stick with this method even though it’s tedious if you’re doing this many many times a day. Methods 2 and 3 have the benefit of automatically naming the file based on the article headline though, which is handy.

If I could glue these steps together using the Shortcuts app – to get the process down to 1 or 2 steps – that would be ideal, but I don’t like my chances.

That’s what I was originally suggesting. Looks like @masonlr is already doing that, but with the pencil-swipe-up-gesture instead of the “unpinch.”

@masonlr, if you are on Twitter you should tweet a suggestion to improve this workflow to GoodNotes. They are very active developers with a lot going on in beta right now. The challenge is probably that from Safari to Good Notes, the page still has to be converted to PDF. Curious whether the share sheet button could automatically activate the pdf converter and then bring the user directly to GoodNotes. That would save a bunch of steps.

just a quick note that these two methods give different results

You can take all these steps and make a Shortcut out of it.

I don’t think that would be possible because Safari is not very “scriptable” in Shortcuts and as a result, most of those 11 steps simply cannot be automated.

You get a different PDF when you swipe up vs. when you print and make the pdf? That’s good to know.

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@iPersuade thanks, I’ve posted a tweet here

I added some support for your tweet!

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