Safe to upgrade to iOS 16?

I have an iPhone 13 Pro, anyone have issues with upgrading?

It seems to be pretty quiet out there regarding problems. I could not find anything on one of my channels, and I decided to give it a try now on my Xs.

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I’m seeing an issue where apps with Lock Screen widgets do not appear among the options when customizing a Lock Screen. From a MacRumors thread, it appears many folks are having this issue. That said, I haven’t found anything that I could do in iOS 15 that I can’t do in 16 yet.

I ran into that with Fantastical and Carrot today. For whatever reason, the App Store wasn’t showing the update for them like it usually does. So I just searched for each of them in the App Store, clicked through, and then there was an update button.

Once I’d updated, both of them showed Lock Screen widgets.

I’ve had to force updates this way for other apps before. It happens now and again. ¯\(ツ)

FWIW, I have updated the apps. I’ve opened the apps. I’ve restarted the phone after updating the apps. I’ve re-opened the apps, but Lock Screen widgets from most non-apple apps remain unavailable.

Others seem to have the same issue. Hoping I don’t have delete and re-download the apps to get things to work as expected.

This is a normal, and intended behavior of the app store.

I completed my update on my Xs, and everything seems to be fine.


I updated last night and no issues so far.

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I don’t doubt you. Could you say more so that I understand better, though? Here’s what I’m seeing, and I think the behavior is odd, even if it isn’t uncommon:

I have the App Store set to show me when there are updates.

I open the App Store. It shows no updates.

I know there should be an update for an app (in this case, Fantastical), so I search for it. Here’s what I see:

So, there’s still no indication that there’s an update.

When I tap on the app in the previous image, I finally see that there is indeed an update:

But of course the update was there from the beginning of this whole process, so why didn’t the App Store just show it to me in the first place? Or at the very least when I searched for the app?

As far as I know, there are two reasons for that:

  1. Apple is making sure, that not everybody worldwide is getting an update at the same time, to make sure, that the server is not getting down due to it.
  2. This is also used, to get an update distributed on a slower pace, to be able, in case the update is having any issue, to get it out of the app store, without everybody already affected.

Here is an explanation regarding iOS-Updates, but it is the same system, regarding “normal” AppStore Updates.


Thanks! 20 characters

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I learned something new today; I don’t think I ever realized the update screen in iOS could be refreshed.

Maybe I need to turn in my MPU badge. :roll_eyes:


I doubt if any of us know everything. I’ve learned things from users that would consider using liquid paper on a MS Word typo. :grinning:


No way! But you do need to compulsively pull down on a few hundred more screens before you’re allowed back into iOS Power Refreshers.


It had become almost a standard behavior for me, to pull all screens down, just because I am curious to see what is happening… :innocent:


I’ve not seen major issues since getting on the beta in July
If at all there’s some 3rd party apps that still need udpating, but nothing major