Sam's Home Office Setup

I’ve been enjoying reading the other office setup posts so much, I thought I’d finally add mine to the list. This is my home office. I’m fortunate enough to have a room all to myself, though with my new job I seem to be using it less and less. Sorry about the exposure of the picture.

A few details:

  • the desk is an IKEA Galant corner desk from 2011-ish. It has two extensions on it to give me a silly amount of desk space. This is about how clean I keep it, more or less.
  • to the left of the picture is a credenza with 6 baskets that I bought at Target around the same time I bought the desk. The baskets have a bunch of tech gear in them.
  • Under the desk on the rolling cart is a Mac Mini (MGEM2LL/A). We use it for a) home media server, b) backup server, c) photo repository.
  • On the same rolling cart is a stack of external USB drives. These hold the various media and backups. One of these days I’ll consolidate to a Synology or a Drobo.
  • The laptop is a 2016 15" Macbook Pro touchbar. Its my work computer and is in a 12 South BookArc. My personal computer is a 13" 2013 Mackbook Escape.
  • My 9.7" iPad Pro is just to the right of the laptop.
  • the two 27" ViewSonic monitors are from 2012-ish (e.g. not 4k or 5k). They’re mounted on Ergotron arms clamped to the back of the desk.
  • My inboxes and a pile of unread books is to the right of the monitors, under the Eero.
  • The glider chair holds my Tom Bihn backpack. I really love the backpack, though after 3 years I’m starting to get the itch to find another bag. :slight_smile:
  • There’s a HP OfficeJet 8720 All-in-One Printer to the right of the picture. I bought it from the Wirecutter’s recommendation.
  • My chair (not pictured) is from HON. Its the current Wirecutter Budget Pick for office chairs, though I bought it a few years ago.