Samsung Monitor Sleep Mode

Is it possible to adjust the sleep/timeout of a Samsung LU 28R55 connected (via HDMI) to an M1 Mac Mini?

The screensaver settings are working properly. However, the monitor sleeps after about 5 minutes, regardless of any settings in the macOS System Preferences (running latest Monterey).

There are no macOS drivers for this Samsung monitor. I have consulted the manual and I can’t find a setting for sleep/timeout in the on-screen menu.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m asking for a friend who is a new Mac user.

I’m hoping there is something obvious that I’m overlooking.

The monitor should only go to sleep if it’s not receiving a video signal, so if it’s going to sleep then it should be because the Mac has stopped sending a signal.

Is the monitor going to sleep while the person is using their Mac?

On my MacBook the setting for “Turn display off after…” is a slider in the “battery” settings area. I think on desktop Mac’s the module would be “power manager” or “energy saver” maybe? It’s with the settings for when disks sleep and so on.

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Thank you @stu_w !!

I knew there had to be a way, but I’m on a Macbook, so I wasn’t equating his Energy Saver with my Battery.

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