SaneBox deleted snoozed emails - completely lost faith in it, buyer beware…

Echoing that other thread ( SaneBox vs Really Great Mail Rules ) I have subscribed to SaneBox and gave it a serious try; I was even ready to push all my email systems to it, especially snoozing and reminders, but… as soon as I tried using seriously the snooze folders, emails would regularly vanish completely from the server instead of reappearing.

No trace on the server, nothing, and it is not a mistake on my part – I have extensively debugged the issue with my mail provider, with screenshots of my folders, of my messages, and the fact remained – messages just plain disappeared. Thinking the mail provider was at fault, I have moved to Fastmail thanks to the great advice here (thank you again: love it!), and the problem presented itself again.

Of course, I have contacted the SaneBox support but they couldn’t solve it (and honestly, as it happens of course, I couldn’t reproduce it with a handful of self-addressed test emails). My request was taken a bit lightly to be honest, I had to explain myself several times, I was asked to send them message headers from an iPad (Apple Mail does not provide that feature or iOS), and so on.

I am not bashing SaneBox, I know many people here who love it, including our great MacSparky, and it works fine for many of you, but I have lost a few valuable and important messages during that ill-fated SaneBox experiment and thought I would share the feedback for possible future users. I’ve now landed on Spark and even if it is not perfect, it is as close to it as I have yet to see an email app be, and I will now be staying away from SaneBox beyond the SaneLater folder (and I am thinking to replace it as well with email rules).

Same thing happened to me, I was reading a e-mail in my inbox, before i finished reading it the e-mail vanished before my eyes, so i went through all my folders to see where sanebox had put it, but to no avail it was lost forever. I had to contact the sender as it was important to send it again to another inbox.

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Thank you for your feedback. It’s good to know I’m not the only one and that I’m not crazy…