SaneBox Service

Hi Folks,

As my sanebox subscription is due for renewal, Iam thinking is this service it worth it because it’s not cheap?. Over the course of a year my inbox has remained fairly under control, and most spam is sent to the junk folder, but I can’t help feeling that I am now constantly looking after three folders instead if just one i.e. Inbox, sanenews and sanelater. I dont receive a huge amount of e-mail but left unattended it soon gets out of control. Anybody use sanebox and think it is good value? has anybody tried it and left etc? thanks

I’m going through the same questioning. I use Airmail 3 and I can’t archive a lot of messages that are sent to @saneXXX boxes. I’m just wondering how much I could really do with just rules in the mail app.

I used Sanebox and then stopped subscribing. There is a lengthy thread on this topic. My response to it is here. I hope this is helpful.