Save file to path

Hi all,

I want to save a file in Office (Word in this particular case but I think this is universal) to a specific folder on my Mac. The path is long (it’s a sync’d SharePoint site) and I don’t want to have to keep navigating through the UI to get to the right folder.

I’ve tried pasting in the path in the Save File window, but it just made the file have the same of the path (lol). I got the path by copying it from Finder.

In Finder there is Go → Go To Folder, but this isn’t available in Office applications.

I must be missing something - how do I save a file to a specific path without navigating to it?

You can create an Alias of the desired folder and place it anywhere, on your Desktop or in your Documents folder, etc. Then you save to the Alias just like any other folder.

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I no longer have a SharePoint account or even Office 365 to test this idea, but can you drag the SharePoint folder name to “Favorites” (left side) of Finder, and then like with other Favorites, quickly navigate there in Word to save the file?


Thank both - that would work fine if the folders were consistent, but it’s a very large SharePoint site with folders I need changing constantly (i.e., I don’t control the structure of it).

PS whilst it is SharePoint, it is all synced to my Mac so they’re just long Mac paths.

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That sounds frustrating especially if the folders are constantly changing.

I wonder if Default Folder X would be useful. If you have the finder window open to the folder you use. Then when you have an open or save window up, you can click on the folder to get the open window to populate to that folder.


If you’re asking what I think you’re asking…

In Word, hit “Save” (or press ⌘S), then press ⇧⌘G once the save dialogue opens. You’ll get a prompt you can use to navigate to the folder either by typing (press ⇥ to auto-complete folder names), or if you have the folder path copied from Finder (⌥⌘C) you can simply paste it (⌘V).

You can also drag the folder from Finder into the Save dialogue in Word, and it’ll navigate to that folder.


I will add a second vote for Default Folder X. While I do a lot of stuff with the keyboard, I am more likely to make a mistake typing a long path. So I use Default Folder X to quickly make any folder open on my desk accessible from any open/save dialog box. It also allows quick selection of recently-used folders.

For bigger projects I sometimes set up favorites, but I’m more likely to use the Finder sidebar for that. There’s more that the program can do, including putting access in the toolbar of any window and in the menu bar, but I find it invaluable for the dialog boxes.

Both of these work perfectly - thanks!!