Saving attachments from Spark to DevonThink

Spark is my favorite iOS mail app and has been for a while, but I keep running into the lack of native DevonThink integration: it supports Files, Dropbox, etc

I know I can use the “save as PDF …” way out here, but am I missing something obvious here, is there a way to actually connect DevonThink as a “file sink” here?

If you click on the “…” in the menu and then “Open In”, there is an option to “Clip to DEVONthink”.

Hopebthis helps.

Thanks Tony!

For whatever reason, I don’t see the Devonthink option there (I do see other app connections, such as Bear or OmniFocus) … do you remember if you had to do some one-time setup task for this?

Once you have the Open In menu (share sheet) on the screen, scroll all the way to the right on the top row and tap on the “…” “More” option. That will open a list that allows you to select which “Activities” are possible and Clip to DEVONthink is in the list. Flip the switch and you should then have the option available. You can re-order the items in the list by long pressing the item in the share sheet and moving it to where you want it in the list.

There shouldn’t be any other set up needed, if I remember rightly.

Hope this helps and makes sense!

Yes, works now. Thanks for the details, especially the screenshots!