Scanbot/pdf files

I’m the delegate where I work. I’m looking to use scanbot to scan some papers then keep them on my phone so I can just text someone or email them as a PDF file. I’m using scanbot cause I think it would be better then then apple notes. But where would I store this in files? I have never done anything like this. Does anyone have any input or other suggestions?? And how can I rename the files?


scanbot lets you rename the file and has some template capabilities as well.

It syncs files in iCloud Drive but if you disable the syncing I guess they can remain only local to your iPhone

If you sync Scanbot with iCloud the files are stored automatically in a sub folder for Scanbot in iCloud. I use the program all the time. To rename a file all you have to do is open it and then click on its name where you can then rename the file.

You can also create some workflows within the app (very simple to setup) to rename and file different scans quickly and easily.

Based on what you said in your post you shouldn’t have any issues using Scanbot and accomplishing what you want to do.

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But is Scanbot better then Apple notes scanner? Is the paid version worth it? And @brian_renshaw I’m definitely interested in making some type of shortcuts.

Thanks for the help everyone

Scanbot is AWESOME. So is Readle’s Scanner Pro. I think they’re the two best iPhone scan apps, and they basically match or leapfrog each other, year after year. I own them both, and they both work so well I can’t delete one off my phone.

Edit scans, perspective correction, optimize color (I typically scan documents to grayscale), automate uploads to Dropbox, or email them, or fax them, or OCR them, or add saved signature to documents - they do so much more than Apple’s notes scanner.

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I’d say it is absolutely worth it and the two really aren’t comparable in terms of functionality especially with what you’re wanting to do.

Apple Notes scanning documents seems to be a feature for everyday people who might run into a time where they are needing to scan something but it is not a feature if you want to regularly do this.

I will say, my wife loves Scanbot and I can rarely get her to try any third party apps lol. But she saw me use it for some documents we had to sign and she downloaded it without telling me and the other day I heard her recommending it to a friend.

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Probably yes. Scanning directly from Notes is good, but for your situation there is no need to involve the Notes app. It appears that you want to scan to a synced service, maybe iCloud or Dropbox.

Yes. It’s inexpensive, just do it. For one thing, the upgrade paid version supports OCR. Plus other functions I can’t remember now - I upgraded to the paid version long ago and wouldn’t be without it.

I use Scanbot to scan to Dropbox. Right within the Scanbot app you can specify “on the fly” which Dropbox folder (or other workflow) you want. Also “on the fly” you can change the “filter” to two types of color, grayscale or B/W. There are many auto-suggestions for file naming.

You can choose to save your scanned PDF files within the Scanbot app, in addition to sending them to Dropbox.

I can’t say enough good things about Scanbot. It is regularly updated by the developer. Next to 1Password and Dropbox it is my favorite iPhone app. Highly recommended.

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I ditched Scanner Pro in favor of Scanbot because I prefer the native Files integration, about a year ago or more, and haven’t had any issues. Scanner Pro couldn’t OCR files unless they were scanned with the app but I have been able to get Scanbot to OCR existing files.

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Please let us know how you do that! Thank you.

I do it by copying from the Files app into the iCloud > Scanbot folder, then I open Scanbot and select the file & click the text button, which gives the option to Run OCR.

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I just got the paid version of Scanbot. I really didn’t think I needed it but wow what a difference then the Apple notes scanner. It’s so easy to use and label everything. The free version is great also,but I don’t mind helping the developer out. Thanks for the help everyone.

If anyone has any shortcuts for this can they share them if they don’t mind.


Great tip, thanks for sharing.