Scanner App 2024 Edition

I was researching apps that support paperless-ngx and stumbled upon Quick Scan App. Looks promosing but the donation price is a bit steep.

Which scaner app do you use?

I’ve been using Scanner Pro for years. It continues to serve me well. I especially like the workflow feature. For example, I have a workflow that saves scans in a specific Dropbox folder and then deletes the scans from Scanner Pro.

I was researching apps that support paperless-ngx and stumbled upon Quick Scan App . Looks promosing but the donation price is a bit steep.

QuickScan looks like an interesting app. According to the description, this is a free app. It doesn’t look like the In-App Purchases unlock any new features. These are optional donations that range from $3.99 to $24.99 (USD).


Scanner Pro, for many years.

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I’ve used JotNot Pro for at least a decade on my iPhone. $6.99 but there is also a non-Pro version that is free but has some limitations on number of scans (I don’t know what the limitation is). I do most scanning at home using a ScanSnap iX500 with its supplied ScanSnap Home app on my iMac. I only use JotNot while traveling to scan receipts, and I don’t travel that often.


I also use ScannerPro and Dropbox.

I’d like to see that workflow :slight_smile:

Sure thing, @KirkS. Here’s the workflow I use to move scans to Dropbox. It saves the scan as a PDF to my [Inbox} folder at the root of the Dropbox folder and deletes the scan.

I hope this helps!


I still use Scanner Pro as well. I just wish it would integrate any app in the workflow builder, or support custom app URLs or Shortcuts. (If I’m wrong and it does do those things, correction is welcome!)

Use my three-in-one printer/fax/scanner from any of my Macs and let macOS do any OCR via Preview which is what I use to OCR text received from other people. Also use my iPhone/iPad and iOS’s/iPadOS’s OCR feature.

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I also use the Quick Scan app and I love it. Fantastic app.

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You can also use Image Capture.

I used Scanner Pro for years - great app. But it was purchased with a different iCloud account and now that it has gone subscription I’ve been looking around for a substitute. For a while I was using Evernote Scannable but it has recently started crashing on launch.

Currently I’m using Apple Notes, and just this week discovered that the Google Drive app also has a scanning feature. Neither does a perfect job of defining the edges, but the quality of both is, IMO, identical. And both OCR the document.

For those, like me, that only scan a small number of documents each month, either of these apps may be all you need.

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Genius Scan, basic version.

Thanks @timstringer

That was quick and easy to implement – once you gave it to me :rofl:
Best of all, it gives me the idea for a couple more!


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You’re very welcome, @KirkS. It’s great to hear this was helpful!

Scannable still works great


I just use the stock functionality of file to scan. Just uninstalled Scanner Mini which I used with IAP before.

I always preferred keeping most quick scans organized in my Photos library, as edits directly on the original snaps. I’m really sad that Apple has silently killed photo editing extensions over the past few years with memory limits that have broken all of the scanner apps’ editing extensions.

The next best thing I wish someone would make is a standalone scanner app that directly works as an editor on the Photos library, like how Photomator and similar image editors work – breaking out of the edit extension limits but still working directly with the Photos library.

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Longtime Scanner Pro user here too. However, having issues this week…!!

As of about the last 5-7 days, whenever I open up Scanner Pro app (iOS, on my iPhone 15, upgraded to latest iOS), I get a spinning wheel, with the “My Scans” in grey at top, and greyed out orange (+) circle in bottom right, but it never recovers.

I originally got this version of Scanner Pro when they offered it free many many years ago, and I’ve always updated it via iOS App Store.

Is anyone else seeing failures with Scanner Pro lately? (Any solutions, if so? I’m hesistant to just delete the app and reinstall, even though that’s the normal procedure, because I got the app free, and I’m afraid they’ll try to charge me for it now, though to be honest it’s so useful, that I’d be happy to pay $5 or whatever, to resinstall it.)

Anyone else seeing this behavior on Scanner Pro on their iOS devices lately?

Still interested in knowing if anyone else is having this problem, but this issue got me to searching, and I discovered that Adobe has a free scan from phone to PDF app. Seems to work good, and I trust they won’t use it for identity theft or something: ‎Adobe Scan: PDF & OCR Scanner on the App Store

In case it’s useful for anyone else.

Simple Scan is a new (simple!) scanner app coming 28 February from Agile Tortoise, the developer of Drafts. It has a free trial and then one-off payment and subscription options. It includes OCR and various destination options (mail, message, save as file) and default destinations can be set up.