Scanner Pro workflow

I am in the process of developing a workflow to scan all my receipts. I will be using Scanner Pro with my iPhone. What is the recommended action to save to? Evernote, Dropbox, or send by Email? Thoughts??

I use scanner pro in conjunction with Hazel on my Mac. I save my receipts to a folder in iCloud Drive with a keyword in the file name. Hazel searches for that keyword and moves it to the appropriate folder. I think you can get by using any of those services. Most of my storage is on iCloud Drive.


IF you decide to use Evernote, remember it does not ‘search’ PDFs unless you’re a Premium subscriber. Remember this is you want to search those scans later from within Evernote – it won’t word search unless you’re Premium.

I had been a subscriber to Evernote Premium for years. Still use it, just don’t see the value in an annual fee (for me…). So, I started scanning my receipts to a OneDrive folder. (Might change that to an iCloud folder – still on the fence.)

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Scanner Pro offers workflows that I use to rename & upload files. If you are a Gmail user, you can do full text search of the PDFs if they are uploaded to Google Drive.