Scanning business card into Apple Contacts app

I just did a search in the group but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

I’m now finding myself getting business cards from other people more than I used to. Maybe 5 a month but if I go to an event, maybe a bunch more. What I would like to do is scan the business card with my phone and then have it parse it into the stock Contacts app.

Is there a way to do that?

As a side note, I’m debating on buying Cardhop on Mac but could definitely do it for iOS. Not sure if there is a benefit there for this.

Thanks in advance.

Paul is usually a good source of info. Here’s an article to get you started:

I swear by CamCard because it’s pretty good and accurate. Also it has a “Cover Flow” like view in which I could swipe to view each card individually to help me remember visually the card. It can also sort by date taken so you can have a bunch of cards which you collected from an event together.

And, I can choose to save to iPhonr Contacts or not, depending on how real the leads are.

In my experience, ABBYY has more reliable OCR, especially when dealing with non-English words and names.

Thanks, all.

I did try ABBY quickly with limited results. I tried Adobe Scan with worse results.

I did find something in another thread that talked about Prizmo Go and that worked the best so far. I’m now going to bite the bullet on Cardhop and see if I can easily integrate Prizmo into that.

I like Evernote for that.