Scanning Negatives with VueScan (Multi-frame)

I’ve been threatening to write this for a while now and it’s finally done. For many years I have owned VueScan. For almost as many years I could not figure out how to do multi-frame scanning. Then on about my fourth attempt I cracked the code. No-one else seemed to be covering it in any detail, so I have.

The hard part was all down to setting six numbers, in the right order, but I fleshed it out into an entire workflow with a number of recommendations and a few gotchas.


Thank you for such a detailed article. Well done.

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Thanks for the writeup, so true:

Finally, the hardest part of this entire process is to get started, and the second hardest thing is to keep going. I can’t give you any hints on that, least of all from my own experience, but I can offer this: If you have thought about doing the task, then it’s worth doing, so get started .

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