Scanning to UpNote

Long time Evernote user, and based on recommendations, looking at UpNote as a replacement. Overall it looks great (other than missing any way to email to it). But I have a ScanSnap scanner that I use frequently to scan stuff into Evernote, and although I set up a “profile” to do that for UpNote, it doesn’t seem to work (after scanning, a popup says it was imported, but nothing shows in UpNote). Anyone scanning into UpNote (I have a ScanSnap ix-500)… thanks!

Just tested this - doesn’t work for me. I assume the developer would have to make that feature work (accept a file from a scanner).

Very interested in this too! Can you post on the subreddit to Thomas dao about it please

Thanks. I have an email out to Thomas- will let you know if/when I hear back.

One of the reasons I switched to Capacities. I realize it is not exactly similar/comparable app. I like both.

Never heard back… this pretty much ends my interest in UpNote!

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UpNote is a one man team. It’s a great app but pricing model makes people uncertain. Also, the developer has quietly been changing terms of the lifetime subscription to remove inclusion of new features. No idea if he will also start an expensive subscription like Noteplan did.

NotePlan’s subscription is too expensive, I’d agree. If Thomas did something close to that, I’d have to go back to Bear 2.

Why I’m liking UpNote better than Bear 2:

  • Copying code in UpNote is easier, in Bear you have to watch out for the enclosing backticks.
  • In Bear, it demands a blank line after a list, UpNote doesn’t.
  • I can order content in notebooks differently depending on the type of data they contain. I need reverse chronology for journals, but all other folders are better suited for regular chronology.
  • I can order notebooks in the semantic order I need.
  • I think I like rich text better than Markdown. Otherwise, I’d still be using MailMate.

Just a reminder that NotePlan is on SetApp, which can make it much more affordable, if you are a SetApp subscriber.

Thanks. I’ve checked out NotePlan, but the way it works isn’t how my mind works.

I like Upnote because it’s super fast. If you’re happy with its feature set, it’s a great app. It’s just that I have a nagging concern that the developer will send an email saying that we have to cough up a hefty subscription for using it. That’s the trend these days. That’s why I’m reluctant to fully embrace it.

Then what would you do? Just use Apple Notes and give up versatile export and the web clipper (which I use constantly), or what other option?

There is no clear replacement at the moment. A lot of new entrants but switching efforts makes it cumbersome to keep changing apps. I may just go back to Devonthink if Upnote folds.

The way I do it, is I maintain my free Evernote account with one folder, called Inbox.

I scan and email items to this notebook then use the import feature in Upnote to bring it in.

some work but it works until Upnote provides those features natively.