ScanSnap and StreamDeck - Is there a way to combine both?

I own a ScanSnap iX500 and a StreamDeck.
I often have to change the profiles I preset within the ScanSnapHome Software, and I am looking a little bit envious onto the Display of the iX1600, and the possibility to switch the profiles there.
I know, that there were a way to switch the preset profiles with the StreamDeck in combination with KeyboardMaestro, but it seems that this is not working anymore?!

Does anyone has a working way, to reliably switch the Presets of ScanSnap via StreamDeck?

provided the scansnap software needs to be open for scanning, the onl thing I can think off is usign Keyboard Maestro in the middle.

Create a script to switch profiles in SnaSnapHome and trigger it with Stream Deck

Yes, this switch was available on the KM-Forum, I think from 2015 or 2018, but it required a special Folder within the library to work, and this seems to be changed by Fujitsu, as this folder seems to be no longer available.
This was the way, I already mentioned within my first post.

So I am hopeful to find someone, who has a solution for that problem, as I don’t want to buy the iX1600, as it often gets bad reviews due to its “cheap plastic”, and the wacky way the paper return was constructed, and a couple of other complains.
I like my iX500, and would like to stay with him, but I would also like, if I could switch the profiles, somewhat like the 1600 could.

Care to elaborate (just a few hints)?

I use just one profile (“scan to PDF, OCR and store in a file”). Never felt I had to change anything… I do any sorting/filing/whatever afterwards.

Upon your posting, I counted the profiles, and currently there are 13.
I use them for a couple of different settings, for Example:

  1. I have one, for the scan of my daily incoming letter. This scan is send to a Finder Folder, Hazel is adding a Tag (“newbates”) and sending the PDF into the DT3 Inbox. DT3 is then doing the OCR, adding a Bates# and changing the tag into “Bates”. Those scans have an automatic for direction, color and double sides.
  2. I have one, for the scan of the envelopes of my daily letter. Those scans are going into a different folder, and are placed by Hazel thereafter into the Inbox. (Yes, I could do that without Hazel, but I wanted a consistend workflow on that matter). Those scans are colored, one-sided, and the direction is not changed. DT3 has a problem, if a side of a PDF is rotated by the scanner or OCR, due to the writing on the side, it is not able to really save the side in an other direction anymore. Often I have to send legal letters, together with the envelope via Fax, and as the envelopes are to large to get them into the A4-Size horizontal, I turn them vertical. Unfortunately DT3 can’t save this permanently into the PDF, and therefore my Fax-App is not able to send it correctly, but cuts of the sides of the horizontal envelopes during the fax-process. Therefore I decided to scan the envelopes seperate, and join them again within DT3 with the letter.
  3. I have one setting for letter I write, and send them thereafter by snail-mail. As those are not in my archive-boxes, I don’t want a Bates# on them within DT3, so I skip the Tagging with “newbates” on them.
  4. I have one setting, just to scan the last page of an letter with my signature, as I tend to send the other parts of the written letter as a PDF from Ulysses and Pages towards DT3, and just scan the printed last page with my signature, to join it thereafter within DT3 with the other pages. This scan is at the highest quality, so there are not so big differences, between the scan, and the other pages.
  5. I do have a profile to scan the Sales slips, with a high quality setting.
  6. I have also a profile to scan some of my remaining Leitz-Folders with old stuff I still have here around, on my way into a paper free office. As those remaining (I guess about 1500 pages) mainly is old or very old stuff, I have a special setting to get the Bates# on them, but also a Tag “Old Paper” to get it sorted into a special folder within DT3 to get not into interference with my normal daily scanning.
  7. I have also a profile for business cards.
  8. One profile is for the scan of calendar pages I want to keep.
  9. One profile is a special one I use to send some scans to my brothers, if there is a yearly action at our grocery store where they hand over slips with numbers and a QR Code, you can scan with an App, or load onto a page, to get benefits for your Sports club. This scan is single sided, with a high quality, so my brothers could just scan the PDF with the app, to get the points they get with this into the app.
    and then there are a few more, while some of them are maybe from ScanSnap itself, and at least one, I have to dig into a little bit more, I thing, to figure out why I created those setting.