ScanSnap: Can I save just part of a page?

I could swear I once read something about scanning/OCRing “zones”, i.e. just one section of a printed document instead of the whole page, but I can’t find anything now. Does anyone here know how to do that with an iX500 and ScanSnap Home?

There’s a feature in ScanSnap software that will convert text on a page that is marked by a highlighter into keywords inserted into the PDF’s metadata.

Not quite what I’m after. I’d like to be able to scan a page and end up with a PDF that shows just part of the page, i.e. one particular article, text box, or whatever. Last time I wanted to do that I got there by using the crop tool in Preview, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to specify what gets captured and saved to disk during the scanning process itself.