Scansnap Home -- any better?

I am going to bite the bullet and upgrade my Scansnap software to ScanSnap Home. I’ve read the various threads here … any updates? Any new landmines to watch out for?

I’ve got the trick about the firmware upgrade, and I’ve made two different system backups …


firmware upgrade trick? I did not hear about that?

My apology in advance if you have already seen this …

The ScanSnap Home license supplied with newly-purchased ScanSnap scanners is limited to 5 computers. The ScanSnap Home software downloaded to upgrade the previous software (ScanSnap Manager) is limited to one computer.

The limited number of “computers”, which really means number of software installations, can be a problem in commonly-encountered situations: buying a new computer or doing a “nuke and pave” macOS upgrade on an existing computer. The latter will appear to be a “new” computer to the ScanSnap Home installer. You must hassle with Fujitsu support to re-instate your license if your software license limit is exhausted - which it will be for ScanSnap Home software “upgraded” from ScanSnap Manger.

A third situation is that in which you need to operate your scanner from any of multiple computers. You paid dearly for your expensive scanner … why should its use be limited to one computer or a limited number of computers?

You might consider this:
If there are any computers in your home or office that will remain on macOS Mojave (or earlier versions), consider continued use of the older ScanSnap Manager on those computers. You should download and save the older software version now so it will be available for re-installation when needed. Reserve the single limited license of the newer ScanSnap Home software for any computer that will operate under macOS Catalina or future versions of macOS.

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No problems here so far. I actually like the new interface a little more but can’t seem to find the setting to allow you to pick a folder to save the file, it all goes to the default. Not a huge deal, just not used to the workflow yet.


it was in this thread … ScanSnap ix500 Mojave … apparently upgrading the firmware solved some problems connecting the Scansnap via Wifi

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