ScanSnap Home hack

Like many others, I have been extremely frustrated by Fujitsu’s “upgraded” software. In my case, the sticking point is ScanSnap Home’s insistence on managing my files. The first time I went through a stack of documents, I made sure to tell the software to save files NOT in the ScanSnap Home default folder. I scanned the stack, shredded the originals and then noticed that ScanSnap Home has still kept track of the PDFs, so I deleted them from ScanSnap Home. That ended up deleting all of my scans from the various folders in which I saved them. I’ll let you imagine the words that flowed from my mouth (it’s probably not physically possible to do what I wished upon Fujitsu’s engineers).

After hours of testing various scans, I figured out that if a file is moved from the location where it is initially saved, the connection between ScanSnap Home and the file is broken. One quick Hazel rule later and even though ScanSnap Home tries to manage the files, it can’t. The rule just takes anything saved to my “Fake ScanSnap Folder” folder and moves it somewhere else. I could probably have done it with a folder action or Keyboard Maestro macros, but Hazel was quickest and easiest for me.

It’s idiotic that this is necessary, but at least I’m not going to lose another stack of financial docs in the middle of tax season (for which I still wish those impossible things upon Fujitsu’s engineers).