ScanSnap Home OCR


Has anybody started having problems with the ScanSnap Home software OCR quality? I set it to Auto and check the box for OCR. Now Rules in Hazel that used to work reliably using “contains” now routinely fail. If I use Abbey it gets a bit better - and PDFPen works every time. I am now thinking that I am going to have to do a pre-step with PDFPen before I put it into my main processing flow :frowning:

Hi and welcome here.

Previously I used a hazel setup (contains xy) after OCR. With a new ScanSnap i1500 the „Home“ software came with renaming itself. Did not had any problems with it. Have you tried this already?


I had discovered that OCRed documents in ScanSnap Home cannot be searched for content (by Hazel or Spotlight) until they have been opened with something. I achieve that by configuring the profile to “verify and save” since the verify window opens the documents. It’s some sort of mysterious bug with either Scansnap software or perhaps macOS.

Thanks lll give that a go