ScanSnap Image Quality Resolution

I have a s1300 and an ix500. What image quality/resolution should I choose for back and white forms and color forms? My primary use is scanning documents like legal documents, financial documents, receipts, and forms. Then I use the included OCR on all the pdfs. Is it better to have the highest resolution since I will be OCR’ing all the documents.



When selecting OCR make sure to have it scan all pages.


I always ran at 300 dpi and got excellent results with documents like bank statements, medical records, etc. Like @MacExpert I preferred to OCR all pages.

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300 dpi for color/gray or black & white?

I don’t recall, sorry. After I finished scanning all my paper files, I gave my scansnap to my brother. Shortly afterword I switched to an iPad as my primary computer and now use ScannerPro.

I never saw any advantage to scanning documents higher than 300 dpi. I set that as the default of a floor model xerox scanner at work and never got any complaints.

I suggest you play with the settings. Compare the quality and file size of the scanned documents and chose your favorite.

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300 DPI is as good as a copy as you can make from paper. You can print it in the same resolution.

B&W will limit the size of the file.

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