ScanSnap ix1500 -- Poor OCR performance

Hi, I finally bought into the ScanSnap hype and bought an ix1500. I have to say, I have been underwhelmed by the OCR performance. The cloud OCR is almost unusable with the number of errors, and while OCR on my MacBook Pro is better, it still has a higher error rate than I would expect. I had much less errors with the scanner built into my m477fdw printer and the OCR software supplied by HP. What has everyone else’s experience been with the ix1500?

I scan to PDFPen Pro and OCR there.

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For what it is worth – I think I’ve given up on it. I played significantly with the settings yesterday, and while I was able to get excellent performance out of it in connection with the ScanSnap Home software on my MBP, I could not get adequate performance out of ScanSnap Cloud. I think part of it is the software does not allow higher quality images to be used for the cloud feature, and I suspect the OCR software on their server is inadequate.

The one good thing of all of this is that it forced me to really play around with the scanner built into my LaserJet Pro printer, and using NAS, Hazel and PDFPen, I was able to create an automated workflow for scanning and OCRing documents. It’s not as elegant as the ScanSnap, but a heck of a lot cheaper! So the ScanSnap is going back to Amazon.

Is NAS a software or your network attached storage?

Network attached storage. I scan directly to my network attached storage, which then forwards the files to my OneDrive account (the scanner on my HP can’t scan directly to OneDrive). When Hazel sees the file in OneDrive, it then OCRs it and runs a Quartz filter on it to reduce the file size. It then gets moved to my Inbox on OneDrive for me to do something with it.

Not as elegant as the Fujitsu, but it gets me to the same place.

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