ScanSnap ix500 Mojave


Had an error initially when first went into Mohave but iX500 seems to scan OK. Going to test thoroughly later today as I have loaded of scanning to do!


I’m not having Mojave issues with Scansnap Manager with my S1500. It works fine, excepting of course the warnings about it being 32-bit. I can’t speak to the OCR issues as I rely on Evernote and Devonthink to do the OCR’ing.

My understanding is that Scansnap Manager has been sunset and will not be updated to 64-bit. Several of its auxiliary applications stopped being supported several years ago. It continues to work fine in Mojave, but for how long, we don’t know.

Scansnap Home is the replacement for Scansnap Manager and is 64-bit. It is compatible with scanners as far back as the iX500. Unfortunately, it does not, at least officially, support my S1500. However, it’s difficult to complain too much about a decade’s worth of support - many manufacturer’s are far less generous.

VueScan, which is 64-bit, does support the S1500, and works fine. (It also has OCR, although I’m not sure how good it is.) If you are using Scansnap with Hazel rules to control filing the scans, then VueScan will provide the needed functionality once Scansnap Manager stops working. Once I realized that VueScan works, I stopped worrying; the loss of Scansnap Manager will be pretty much a non-event.


The main software still works for me (posted earlier).

The card program does not (yet?). … I’ve seen some info. here on ScanSnap Home; but want the original software to work – No idea if they’ll really update it or not.

I’ve found the following, deep in their FAQ pages:

“Funny” thing is there’s a page just like this, without the footnotes, and both pages say updates will be posted there.

No “last status” or “posted on” date to give an idea how old the FAQ update is – Or, if there is, I didn’t see it (could be right in front of my eyes). If it’s in red, my eyes are filtering it out b/c I’m seeing a bit of red now (angry) and that would make the text vanish. Sigh!

What are some alternate scanning programs?

I know Evernote (some premium levels) could handle business cards; but it wasn’t my goal to add another subscription service.

Wasn’t there a great program that “brought old scanners to life”? It’s prob. 32 bit and no updates scheduled :frowning:

I’m not “super-angry,” just disappointed.

Was just about to write a glowing review of the ix500 (recent convert) and Mojave happened. Since I’m “newly arrived at the party,” I didn’t know Fujitsu was slow to update their software.

But, as mentioned before, it still works for the basic need (for me – maybe I’m an exception to the rule). It scans and OCRs basic pages and receipts, etc.





Wasn’t there a great program that “brought old scanners to life”? It’s prob. 32 bit and no updates scheduled :frowning:

Perhaps you are referring to VueScan


How did you get it installed? Mine is asking me to select a scanner from the list and the S1500M is not listed. When I select the iX500 the installer cannot find it. I can’t get beyond this. If you a url from where you downloaded your version of ScanSnap Home I’d like to try that install.

Thank you


I don’t recall. I probably just selected ix500 for the heck of it since the S1500M wasn’t listed. Regardless, the Manager program downloaded to my Downloads folder, I opened and ran it like any normal application.


Looks like Fujitsu has removed the ScanSnap Manager program that I downloaded and which preceded the latest, Home. When I did my download, the new scanner wasn’t out, so the older Manager program was available.


Has anyone been able to get ScanSnap Home (released on Nov. 21, 2018, to replace ScanSnap Manager) to work with the iX500 and Mojave on a 2017 iMac using a USB3 connection? I can’t even get it to connect with the scanner.


Yes I loaded Scansnap Home its junk most of the features and convinces we had with Manager are gone! Not useful at all. I ripped it out and reloaded Manager… But card minder won’t read business cards or fill out data fields… should not have gone to MoJave!!!


I’ve got a Scansnap ix500 which works fine in Mojave, but I understand that the Scansnap Manager software is 32-bit, and won’t be upgraded to 64-bit. My workflow involves creating searchable PDFs and uploading them to DEVONthink Pro Office, which Scansnap Manager does really well. I’ve read that the replacement Fujitsu software doesn’t create OCR searchable PDFs.

I downloaded VueScan, as recommended here and elsewhere, but although it can create the searchable PDFs, it doesn’t send them to DEVONthink. To get that done I would need set up another procedure. Maybe I could develop some Hazel rules, but I’ve never had much success with Hazel.

I also downloaded ExactScan, which not only creates searchable PDFs, but also sends them to DEVONthink, if you tell it that DEVONthink is the default app to open when displaying the finished scan. ExactScan Pro is US99.00 and VueScan Pro is about the same.


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For those with ix500, make sure to upgrade the ScanSnap firmware to 0T00 before you migrate to ScanSnap Home (the 64 bit version). Without the upgrade, Wi-Fi may not work for you. It didn’t for me.


Oddly, I am unable to locate this upgrade on Fujitsu’s website. I got the link directly from their customer support team after many iterations of troubleshooting my wi-fi problem.

I too mourned the demise of ScanSnap Receipts but there are other good receipt management apps out there.