ScanSnap ix500 Mojave

Have any of you noticed that you ScanSnap software doesn’t work with Mohave? Why no mention of this in the Mohave episode. My scanner is really important to my workflow.

Fujitsu says that they plan to support Mohave but they provide no timeframe.

If you have a ScanSnap scanner do NOT upgrade to Mohave.

Thanks. I have held off on Mojave for just this reason.

There were postings here earlier suggesting the scansnap software worked under early Mojavenp betas.

Maybe David or KatieFloyd could weigh in since they are scansnap users as well.

Which specific ScanSnap application are you having problems with?

I scanned some documents yesterday and had no issue with ScanSnap Manager or with Abbyy Fine Reader for ScanSnap.

I’m using the ix500.

The standard ScanSnap software that Fujitsu provides.

My temporary solution that works is to use my Windows 10 laptop. I installed the Fujitsu software on that and I can scan. I’m surprised that Fujitsu is not providing a software update upon release of Mohave given that Apple provides lots of time for vendors to update.

I was wondering about this. I have an older model, the S1500M, for which the Fujitsu website says ScanSnap Manager 3.2 is the latest version. CleanMyMac is telling me that version of SSM is 32-bit and won’t work in Mojave. Given the age of the scanner and the latest release date of the software, I doubt there will be an update.

Does anyone have any workarounds that don’t involve using Windows :nauseated_face:?

I have an iX500 and running the standard scansnap software on Mojave.
The Scansnap Manager is version 6.3 L70.
I’m able to scan just fine.

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I have a S1500M for which I recently downloaded the Manager for the ix500 (per Fujitsu Support’s suggestion). So far the ScanSnap is working fine after upgrading to Mojave. Of course, no telling what will happen during the year as Apple phases out support of 32-bit apps. I’m seriously looking at Epson WorkForce scanners that are TWAIN compliant if my ScanSnap becomes a paperweight.

Here is another option for a scanner.

I have the ix500 as well and my question was rather which software application is not working from ScanSnap?

I managed scans and OCR on Mojave with my ix500 just fine yesterday, I don’t believe there’s a software compatibility issue, at least in my case.

Yes, I too am using my ix500 with Mojave with no obvious problems.

I have an iX500 and had been using the scan to cloud function. Since upgrading to Mojave I had to reboot the scanner twice to get a scan done and today I am having zero luck.

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Scansnap has always been delayed when providing updates for annual macOS operating system updates. I went ahead and installed Mojave, and am accumulating a small backlog of scans. I think I read mid-October for the arrival of ScanSnap’s compatibility update.

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@jmayhugh - Aggregating my experience with the ScanSnap S1500M and posts in several discussion threads in this forum, there are 3 workarounds (all avoiding using the “dreaded” Windows :grinning:):

  1. Download and install the ScanSnap Manager v 6.3 L50 (designated for the ScanSnap model S1300i). Link: Link to SS Manager v 6.3 L 50. Then install the update for v 6.3 L 70. I was given this information (and the link) initially by a ScanSnap support rep by email in November 2017. At that time the latest update version was L61, now it’s L70.

  2. (alternate for workaround #1) Download and install the ScanSnap Manager installer for the SS model iX500 for macOS 10.13. Link: Link to downloads for SS model iX500. Then do the “online update” from within the SS Manager software. You will need to ignore a prompt to set up wireless functionality, as the S1500M does not have this capability.

  3. [#3 is optional] Dedicate an older Mac (in my case a 2010 MacBook Air running macOS 10.13 High Sierra) for scanning, directly connected by USB to the ScanSnap scanner. An older Mac Mini would be good for this purpose also.

Workaround #1 is in place for my late 2014 retina iMac and workarounds 2 and 3 for my 2010 MacBook Air. Both methods now work for the ScanSnap S1500M with the computers running macOS High Sierra. I will upgrade the late 2014 iMac to macOS Mojave at a later date. If the ScanSnap S1500 still works, great - I’m done “fiddling” for a while. If not, I’ll just use the MacBook Air/ScanSnap combo for my scanning needs, saving files to DropBox - which immediately syncs to the Mac.

It’s a shame to jump through all of these hoops; I’m disappointed that Fujitsu does not support macOS upgrades in a timely manner. This is especially egregious for the iX500 model ScanSnap, the current model currently advertised on Mac Power Users podcasts. Judging from my experience running the iX500 software and the S1300i software for my ScanSnap S1500M, there is apparently enough similarity between these three scanners to allow running the same software for any of them.

Hope this helps …


Interesting. I get an error message when I try that upgrade. I need to go back and see if my software needs an intermediate upgrade before trying to install 6.3 L70.

So those of y’all with an ix500 and Mojave, are you using OCR and Hazel rules. Earlier the issue was with OCR hanging.

That resolved my issue!

Goodness, thank you! I will try this out.

Regular scanning has worked fine for me; but CardMinder won’t recognize and convert cards.

I had an access error, “which I said ‘yes’ to” but I had walked away and I wonder if the software had given up.

I tried adding CardMinder to Full Disk Access in security – Didn’t help.

It scans the cards; then “chokes” and says, “Unable to perform recognition. (97)”

So the cards are there; but it doesn’t/can’t OCR them.

And, I can’t find that error (so far) online.

Which is the “master” OCR program for all the apps? … I’m willing to add that to full access and see if that does it.



Background info:
macOS 10.14
“Maxed out” MacBookPro11,3 [MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)]
ScanSnap Manager Version 6.3 L70
CardMinder Version 5.3.60 (1001)
Ran the ScanSnap Manager update program and it did not “see” anything to update.