Scansnap ix500 prices up

Was thinking about picking up another scansnap ix500 but noticed they are now $6-700? The new ix1500 $419 and not sure if the $50 rebate is still available. Not thrilled about getting the newer model and having to learn how to use it all over again since the ix500 has worked fine for me for about five years now. Anyone have opinions on using the two and what differences good or bad to expect?

The iX500 is actually no longer being manufactured. Those high prices are from opportunists that still have them to sell to people that just must have the older model.

I don’t have the new iX1500 but it’s easy to see how the new ScanSnap Home software is a better match for the newer model, and depending on your workflow looks easier to use.

I would agree with @tomalmy.

If you want to stay with Fujitsu, the ix1500 is the option to choose. Given Fujitsu’s unwillingness to support discontinued products in the long run, the ix500 will be dead in the water eventually.

The alternative is to jump ship and to abandon Fujitsu. I would not go for an ix500 these days.

Good to know. Hopefully the $50 rebate will come back around soon.

What alternatives would you consider?

Yes, what are some good options to consider? I have an old S1300 that has served me well for many years. It’s about to be rendered useless in the 64 bit transition. Any good alternatives?

I would go for the Brother ADS 2800w or I would stay stay with Fujitsu (ix1500).

If I had to buy a new scanner today, I would either go for the ix1500 or I would buy a Brother ADS-2800W (I use the Brother at work). The Brother scanner is able to scan without any software into my local network and from there I can do whatever I want, using Hazel and stuff like that. No restrictions whatsoever. If you scan weird paper formats or business cards or small receipts, the Fujitsu software is still worth it. If you scan standard paper sizes, I would lean more to a scanner like the Brother.

At work I do not use the scanner’s software. I use it as a bare bones network scanner.

Here is the post I quoted in full length.

There are also some Brother models out there that are more affordable like this one which @OogieM ended up buying.