Brother ADS-1000W Review

I’ve had a bit of time to work with the replacement for my ancient Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M.

Overall it’s working great. I had to download the software from the net as the included CD did not have the version I needed. That didn’t take that long to locate and was a simple install. Once set up the scanning through the mac app control center is easy.

Iso far only 2 issues:
I’ve had one feed error where a stack of papers fed 2 at once. They had been stapled together and were stuck. Just separating them out and it worked just fine.

I used my existing Fujitsu carrier to scan some receipts and the Brother scanner included the carrier sheet edges in the scan. It appears as if you cannot do a continuous scan in mixed mode, some things just normal and some scanned using the carrier sheet. I do that when scanning receipts that go with other paperwork. At this point I haven’t been able to test it again and attempt to do receipts into one PDF and then combine them later.

FWIW my existing ScanSnap is still working under High Sierra. So I’m going to work it until the rollers finally die, which is likely to be soon given what they sound like. But I have a replacement in place that works for a lot less money.

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Long time since the update. The old ScanSnap rollers gave up the ghost months ago and I’ve been working with the Brother exclusively.

Still mostly happy with basically the same issues as before.

No way to scan things in mixed mode as a continuous scan but it does work for scanning different PDFs and combining later.

No good way to scan lots of receipts. The included receipt holder works but takes pretty much one at a time so it takes a lot longer to scan receipts.

The occasional feed error. In general it’s more sensitive to exact alignment or it will pull pages in crookedly.

Software is easy to use. I do not have it set up to do one touch scanning as that was more hassle than it was worth. The extra steps of opening the SW and selecting scan force me to stop and evaluate whether I really need the item scanned and it has saved me a bit. I used to just automatically scan everything just in case.

Overall still happy with this and would recommend it to others looking for a Fujitsu replacement.


Thanks for the update. It’s hard to find good information about the real-world usability of sheet-feed scanners that are meant for home or home office users.