Scansnap 1300 replacement

I’m sorry if this topic has been discussed, ad nauseam before, but I have a fine working 1300 which, after Catalina, will be a brick.
Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement? Not Fujitsu, I’m finished with them. I don’t want to go down the Vuescan route.

Yes, there have been some discussions, but they are all over the place. :slight_smile: You can find them by searching for “Scanscnap” or “Brother” or “Epson” and so on.

Some of the replacement alternatives can be found at:

Or you go with an app (if you do not scan too much on a daily basis):

Disclaimer: some of the hyperlinks above point to posts I have written. There are a lot of posts from other users pointing to scanners as well.

Question: do you running Windows in vmWare or Parallels? That will be my solution to keep the Scansnap running. I need the scanner only once a week, so it will be no problem for me to start that virtual windows for scanning.

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I’m with you on the “no Fujitsu” sentiment. You might consider a Raven scanner:

I have no experience with the Raven scanner, but the specs look good. Several cloud services (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote) are supported. The company is US-based (Houston TX). A Raven Cloud service is available, but it does not appear to be mandatory.

Interesting detail: the graphics in Raven’s website appear to be produced with, or processed through, Apple Pages app. This may be a hint that the scanner or software is Mac-friendly.

If anyone has experience with this, please post here. I am considering this scanner to replace my ScanSnap 1500M , if I don’t go with VueScan or ExactScan software.

We discussed this a few months ago - my reply was here:

Thanks for this. I’m also in the market to replace my Scansnap as I’m also done with Fujitsu.

I was Googling to check this, but I can’t find a 1300 as a ScanSnap model. Are you talking about an S1300i?

If so, that’s the same model I have - and it’s connected on Catalina using current ScanSnap software.

Maybe you can milk another year or two out of your current scanner. :slight_smile:

No, actually there is or had been a S1300 model:

Like Fujitsu would say: a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… But the S1300 and the S1300i look very similar. So, you might think that it should not be that difficult to support it with Scansnap Home. But, well, we know their way by now, don’t we? :slight_smile: