Prizmo 5 for iOS - my new number one scan app to go to

Yes, I am aware of the fact that there have been a lot of scan apps for iOS that “replace” hardware scanners for some users. I have been a Scanner Pro user for years and that is a very good app.

But, still, absolutely no replacement for a dedicated scanner as far as I am concerned. If you take a really close look at a PDF generated from an iOS scan app, you should be able to see that the PDF originates from a scanner app on iOS. There is some blurriness to it which I do not like very much.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this article:

Well, I tried the app and I already went for the 9.99 € in-app purchase.

The scans are awesome and I love the options to manually get contrast and much much more right afterwards if necessary. Prizmo 5 works very good in automatic mode, but I like that I am able to even further improve the automated results manually afterwards.

I was able to achieve results that make it really hard to determine if I used my ScanSnap or if I used Prizmo 5 on my iPhone.

Concerning the OCR results, I am fine with it, but at least in combination with German they are not as stellar as in the demo video. Still, they are at least as good as in other scan apps like Scanner Pro, which I had been using for years as my number one scan app until yesterday.


I’m glad to see more OCR options available in apps, hopefully the accuracy will improve over time.

I’m impressed with the app and its capabilities. One niggling problem, though. How do you turn off the beeps at time of scan? I have to believe there is a setting for this, but have not been able to find it.

Unfortunately, if I can’t silence it, the app is a non-starter for me. I can’t use it as is in my office environment.

Am I overlooking a setting?

I did not notice any sounds.

That is because my iPhone is always in silent mode. Notifications are being signaled to me via my Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, I did not find any option to disable sounds without putting the iPhone into silent mode.