ScanSnap notification driving me crazy

Hi all. I’ve updated scansnap to the newest version, on an M2 laptop that is also completely up to date. I can not stop this notification from poping up. I think it happens every time I restart, but it is on top of whatever I’m doing and it’s really driving me nuts. Any other scansnap users out there with a similar problem? Did you find a way for it to stop bugging you?? These are old notifications. I’ve tried clicking through everything to see if I could clear it somehow, but I’m at a loss. This is happening on two different computers.

Trash that junk and get ExactScan Pro. Light years better.


I’m not sure I had the exact same problem, but last week I was getting repeat notices.

What made it stop for me was to click through and download the update. I never ran it, but the reminders stopped.

I run ScanSnap Home on my main Mac, but in an emergency I needed to use my scanner on my MacBookPro so Installed ScanSnap Manager on it because at the time Home was only licensed for a single computer (a major gripe of mine).

The Mac with only ScanSnap Home doesn’t get these messages, but the MBP got them until I uninstalled Manager. Perhaps you have Manager installed and need to remove it?

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I run ScanSnap Home with the most recent update. Works fine for me without these recurrent messages (I guess because I am up-to-date). I have only basic needs and ScanSnap Home so, again, it works fine for me.

That is probably it. I used Migration Assistant to set this new Mac up and running and I’m guessing I need to delete. I’ll try that. Thanks. Also, I share your gripe about one Mac only. Bad move on their part.

Does your comment imply that ScanSnap Home no longer has the single computer restriction?

As a long-time ScanSnap user I went through the ScanSnap Manager (temporary) obsolescence ordeal but steadfastly refused to install ScanSnap Home due to its cloud-centric and restrictive licensing policies. Has SS Home now become a user-friendly app without the onerous licensing policies?

Yep, the license policy became sane when Fujitsu sold ScanSnap. See this thread: Ridiculous license on ScanSnap Home seems to be going away


Do you have to purchase the additional OCR kit(s). Their purchase page has a LOT of options, some of which are pretty costly.

Based on the ExactScan information web page ( the ExactScan Pro version (one-time purchase) includes OCR and a number of other useful features such as auto rotation, append to PDF files, content de-skew, barcode recognition, imprinter and batch processing in addition to features in the standard ExactScan version.

Apology for the late reply. I still use ScanSnap Manager V7.2 L60 for my older ScanSnap S1500M. It works very well and I don’t get the update notice you posted. It might have something to do with the particular version of ScanSnap Manager.