ScanSnap S510 - Software update

Hello Everybody,

I have an older, ScanSnap S510 scanner. The software that I have been using with has been causing me grief, and the software is 32 bit, so the writing is on the wall that it will have to be updated. I don’t find any new software for this model on the ScanSnap website.

Does anybody else have this model scanner?

Am I just missing something simple about a software update?

Thanks in advance!

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I was out of town for a few days and am finally getting back to this.

The ix500 software didn’t work… The first screen asked what scanner you had (mine is old enough it isn’t in the list) and then refused to connect to the scanner.

Thanks for the suggestion though…

I have an S510M which I still use on an old 2009 MacMini which is running El Capitan but did expect it to have issues on my new Mac’s running Mojave. I haven’t tried it with Mojave yet but when I upgrade the old Mini I was looking towards using either a VM (Fusion, Parrallels or Virtual Box) or using VueScan if it became an issue.

Check out VueScan -

I think I lied about which scanner I had. Told it I had an ix500…