Scansnap troubleshooting

Hi! I am using a ScanSnap ix500, and every so often when I scan in pages of handwritten notes, it will reverse the orientation of one of the pages so it’s upside down. I don’t adjust the paper guides, and other pages in the same stack will come in at the correct orientation.

Any guesses as to what is going on? and how I might prevent it?


I have the same issue. Also sometimes page 1&2 are reversed…

Sorry no solutions just validation.

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Possible that ScanSnap settings are set to automatically rotate pages as it scans. I can see how handwritten notes might make it challenging for the scanner to determine which way is up.

I hope you don’t mind me posting my Scansnap question here. I recently replaced my router and ever since, wifi scanning won’t work. Does anyone know how to go into the settings and fix it? I had a Fujitsu tech help me set it up and I don’t remember how we did it.

Thanks, @sojourner, that might be it! I just changed the settings to not rotate pages automatically; will have to see over time if that fixed it.

much appreciated!

if you open the Scansnap manager, you should see in the quick menu the option to connect by wifi.

Which scansnap and which software? I’ll try and find the link but upgrade to latest software as this solved it for me.

Here you go…