School Facility Reservation Workflow

Hi everybody,

I’m a university music professor and I am trying to design a way for 15 students to sign out 8 unique practice rooms digitally. There are 3 parameters: day, time, and room, which makes something like a spreadsheet fall a bit short…ideally we could see all rooms and slots for a week at a time (ex: student wants a 1PM slot in one room and it’s booked they can easily see which other rooms are free. Each room has specific percussion instruments in them, so the room usage is customized and are not necessarily equal). Some times will be blocked out or done in advance while others will happen as late as at that time.

I’ve considered GCal, GSheets, AirTable, and Calendly/Acuity but haven’t quite found the simple solution that students could access ideally from their phone and/or computers. I’d love any ideas on how the community here might tackle this problem!

Thanks! Andy

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Does your school happen to use MS Teams? It has feature called Shifts that would work well for this.

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I’m not familiar with that platform but will investigate. Thanks for the response!

I work in higher ed and with facilities at various locations across the country.

You might be able to use Shifts as @jahala suggested. You could also setup those rooms/resources in Outlook and have people book them through there. Our parent organization does this with their conference rooms and it seems to work well - they managed 6-8 of them.

Depending on the size of your university, it’s possible they use a dedicated room scheduling software. Our organization uses Astra for example. With some of these systems there is a public facing room schedule where you can allow people to book out rooms; you can have them reserved with out without authorization from someone that manages the resources. If this is an option, you could get those rooms added into the system.

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