Scott's New Office Setup

I am a researcher and work full time for a university remotely. I also spend a lot of my leisure and hobby time on my computer or iPad. We’ve been somewhat nomadic for the last few years (something to which I’m sure any of you who are also an early-career academics can also relate) so I’ve never invested in any decent office furnishings. Now that we are somewhere more-or-less permanently, I’ve splurged on the right furniture to ensure I am productive and ergonomically safe. The computing stuff has been with me for the long haul, but the furniture is new.


  1. Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk (42 inch desk top with grommet) pictured in my seated position
  2. Amazon Basics mesh-back chair
  3. Early 2015 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display on Griffin Elevator Stand
  4. Magic Keyboard and Trackpad
  5. 9.7" iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard
  6. Seagate Backup Plus 2TB external hard drive (Time Machine, external storage, clone)

I cheaped out on the chair but prior to moving to my current home I had been using the same chair from amazon and it worked just fine. At some future point I may invest in a multi-hundred dollar chair but for now this does the job.

I try to spend about 1/3 to 1/2 of my day standing and the Jarvis makes that super easy.

I still haven’t gotten my cable management quite dialled but I only got my office set up this weekend. I think I’d like to mount a power strip to the bottom of the desk or replace the cable grommet with a power grommet. Not sure where I’m going to take this aspect of my workspace.

I am also in need to a desk lamp. The Wirecutter suggests the Lumen LED desk lamp also from Fully, which looks fantastic but it a bit spendy (though since this is where I spend more than a workday’s worth of time at this desk every day, I’m not afraid to spend a bit). Looking around at other options and kicking myself for not getting it along with my desk since you save nearly 50% when you buy the lamp with the desk…

And of course I still have at least a hundred books that have not been unpacked and don’t have any book shelves to put them on yet! So that’s not pictured, but that’s next on the furniture agenda!

Anyhow, so far so good. Loving having a desk that isn’t wobbly, is at the right hight, and makes standing easy. It is a true treat, my previous desk was too shallow, wobbled like a drunk, and was at the incorrect height, which exacerbated my RSI. And just prior to moving here I spent three months living with family in a different country (for visa reasons) and working at a kitchen table, which was also far from ideal. So I feel absolutely pampered!

I’d love your suggestions for desk lamps, power management, etc!


We have the same desk only one size larger, also bamboo, with the curved front. It’s an excellent desk.

When we ordered the desk, we also ordered the lamp from Jarvis. We liked it, so we decided to get more. I discovered that there are a whole bunch of places you can get these; they all appear to be the same lamp with different company names stuck on them.

You can get the same lamp by Taotronics at Amazon for $30. I bought three and they all work great and appear identical (other than name and price) to the one from Jarvis/Fully.

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Wow thanks for this! I had seen the other Taotronics LED desk lamps that had clunkier bases and features I didn’t need, but indeed, this is identical!

As I write this, I just heard back from Fully who are giving me the bundled price for the lamp ($35, rather than $75), so I’ll be grabbing the Fully-branded one anyhow (though I was just about to click “Buy with 1-click” on the Taotronics! They’re phone call came just in the nick of time!).

Thanks for the tip!

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I would get claustrophobic in that corner. Can’t you pull the desk towards the middle of the room so you can walk around it?

I sure could! I don’t mind the corner, honestly, largely because the window is right next to me. But I may fiddle around with the placement of the desk – the room is currently completely empty other than the desk and chair (and a few boxes) so the world (or the room…as the case may be) is my oyster!

Ahh an “empty room” I would love to put this Aviator Desk

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That’s quite the desk! I suspect the right person could really make that desk look fantastic and give it the respect it deserves!

That desk was seen in many episodes of Two and a Half Men after Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen, if you’re curious about what it looks like outside a catalog photo. Example

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Pah. They should have riveted it. Cross heads look so wrong…

(just jealous cos I want one :slight_smile: )

Plenty of knock-offs when you google for “aviator desk”, or take your hacksaw to an airplane boneyard :wink:

I am curious at what level your laptop screen and external keyboard land when the desk is in standing mode. Just eyeballing it, it looks like the laptop screen would be too low when the keyboard is at an ergonomic height?

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That’s accurate, good eye! I’d say it needs to be at least another 3 or so inches higher. I’ll be on the lookout for another stand or some other elevation system to remedy this. In the meantime, this is a huge ergonomic improvement over my previous setup (a cheap $40 desk that was too high and shallow) and the work setup I had been using during my 3 months of visa-limbo (a dining room table in someone else’s house).

So I’m chipping away at ergonomics one step at a time!

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In the meantime, it sounds like a ream of paper under your existing stand would probably do the job.

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Maybe something like this to elevate the MB?

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Great Mug, love the Cobalt Blue from Le Creuset

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Thanks! :smiley: been my daily driver for the better part of ten years and, just like the actual pots, it keeps going and going!

I like it! You only have what you need on there. I’m working on reducing clutter in my office. Sometimes I walk into some people’s offices and I have no idea how they find anything.

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Hi Scott; I need a new office chair. Thanks for saving me time in researching a new chair. Love you office set up!

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Yeah the Amazon Basics chair is definitely not a forever chair, but it really does the job. I think it’d be easy to spend 2x as much on something functionally equivalent.

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I hate to take on labels, so I don’t want to call myself a minimalist, but I definitely have minimalist tendencies. I’m an aggressive purger of stuff!