Scratched my new iPad Pro screen - best course of action?

So I completely fell asleep on the couch with my new naked iPad pro on my stomach. I woke up to a crash at 3am from when I apparently rolled on my side and it fell on the floor. On inspection the next day it is perfect except for a big scratch down the middle of the screen. I bought apple care and ordered a case. Do you think I should wait 6mo- 1yr before getting it fixed or just go for it once I get the case? I’ve never had to use apple care so I am not sure if there is something I am missing.

To be honest I’d live with it, hard to keep things perfect when In daily use. Best option would be to get a glass screen protector.

It depends on the situation. You are eligible for a screen replacement but you will use one of the two incidents. If you can live with it then yes wait, otherwise get it replaced. In all cases get it replaced before the Apple Care expires.

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Depends on how bad it is, I’ve just dropped mine (bit older) and have immediately requested a replacement screen.

Get it replaced so you can fully enjoy the new iPad.

I scratched my iPad by setting my glasses on the screen and they slid off when I picked up my iPad. The scratch is noticeable when the screen is black, but I cannot really see it when the video screen is on. I opted to live it.

When I took my iPad to an Apple Store to get a cracked screen replaced 3 years ago, they replaced the entire iPad. Make sure you back up before taking it in. I also once listened to the ATP podcast while they spent about half an hour on whether iPhones get replaced or just repaired and how you would know. How come these geniuses didn’t think of screen-shotting the settings app page with all the device IDs and sending it to iCloud before taking the iPhone to be repaired?