Screen protector for iPad Mini Gen 6

I’m looking for a screen protector for the new iPad Mini, generation 6 (model A2568).

I usually buy Moshi screen protectors, but they haven’t brought one for the A2568 to market yet. (I have a question in to Moshi support about whether they will release one.). The Moshi will be release “at the beginning of November 2021” according to Moshi support.

FWIW, I really dislike Paperlike screen protectors – installing them is so fiddly compared to the Moshi, and the Moshi is not as flimsy and breakable.

This one was recommended by an Apple blog that I frequently look at.

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I have exactly the same one that @Joshagos mentioned above. Have used that since 24 Sep when iPad mini 6 arrived. So far so good. The only down side is that it is very glassy / slippery. I am looking for paper like to have better texture when using Apple Pencil.

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Is the install as easy as it looks?

No, actually, I’m looking for the same thing. I want “paper like” but not Paperlike.

I would appreciate any suggestions of alternatives to Paperlike. I currently have a Paperlike screen protector on my 11inch iPad, when I first put it on I was not impressed with the impact on screen clarity, over the months I have had it on though I have appreciated the texture though. I am also less worried about the state of my pencil nib (talking Apple pencil here) and the possibility of scratching the iPad screen. I currently have a deepish scratch on the Paperlike screen protector, not sure if this would have been on the screen if I did not have the screen protector installed or if the scratch is because the quality of the Paperlike screen protector isn’t great.

Either way, the Paperlike is not cheap, so any alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve used the Moshi iVisor AG Screen Protectors on both an iPad Pro (2018) and an iPad Air 4 (the 2020 version). These can be purchased from Amazon and I have been happy with both of them. They do a good job of protecting the screen, give it more of a feel of writing on paper, and they can be removed, cleaned and used again. Below are links to the two I have used on Amazon’s UK site.

yes, it is relatively simple , the frame helped a lot to make sure the screen is in the right position. The real trick is to make sure no dust get in between the glass and the iPad

I agreed, the Paperlike product is so expensive. I have other paper like products (from Japan) that were less than half the price and seemed just as good

I used a number of similar products that are from Japan and available on Amazon. They are good enough for me and not having to pay the expensive price of the Paperlike products

Can you please provide a link to one?

I put in a question to Moshi support, who replied that they will be selling the Moshi screen protector for the iPad Mini Generation 6 “at the beginning of November 2021”.

So, since I’ve always used and really like Moshi screen protectors that solves the problem for me. I’ll wait a few weeks.