Screen protector for M1 Pro MacBook Pro or not?

Anyone use one?
My girlfriend/common law wife/domestic partner is asking.
She has a new M1 Pro MBP (I’m totes jelly), and is asking.
I’ve never used one on my MBPs, but she shleps hers around more than I do, and is marginally harder on her devices than I am.

I see that Apple sells their Belkin-branded privacy screens for Intel MBPs, but apparently not for M1s yet.

If yes, recommendations would be appreciated.

I far prefer a matte display over glossy, but have never used one because I’m concerned over damaging the display, or voiding the warranty or exempting myself from (a possible, should it be needed) extended maintenance plan of the display of the MBP. I’ve also never seen one that doesn’t degrade the image quality slightly, but enough to not make it worth it.

I just typed that out and realized that I’m not actually answering the question you asked. I’m going to chalk it up to pre-coffee negativity :slight_smile:

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I am extremely particular about my devices. I have a new 14" MBP. I don’t have a screen protector on it nor will I put one on it. Doing so will to some degree diminish the viewing quality on a beautiful screen. Closing the lid when moving the laptop short distances will protect the screen. I also have this sleeve for when I travel out of the house or office with the MBP:


I never have, in part because I don’t want anything interfering with the amazing screen.

I do put a soft plastic case on the outside, in part because I want to protect it while not in use, and in part because I want to put stickers on my computer, but I want to keep the stickers when I trade it in.

Thanks all!
Looks like a no.
She also threw away her keyboard skin.

I use only an external case and a soft cloth on the keyboard when switching off(to avoid dust).
I’d prefer to use it without but if she is not sure and will not take care of it, better to choose a lucid one (will still keep some vibrating color).

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Those keyboard skins are horrible. They never stay put, and just seem to cause more issues.

Regarding the display, my concern is always physical impact damage cracking a screen. On a phone, this is why I always use a wallet case and a glass screen protector. Phone falls on the ground, hits the rubber edge of the case or the leather / PU part that’s over the screen, and all is generally good.

On a MacBook, screen impact damage when it’s closed is handled by the fact that there’s a giant piece of metal on both sides of the screen. Anything sufficient to damage the screen with the MacBook closed isn’t going to be prevented by a protector.

And when it’s open, I’m really hoping I’ll have some advance awareness before a screen-destroying impact comes along. :slight_smile:

I do the same thing. Minor scratch / scuff resistance is a good thing. :slight_smile:

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