Screen saver cannot be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software

“Today” is my screen saver of choice:

Unfortunately there’s no macOS Catalina build and thus I get this error:


If I Command-Open it, macOS will “accept” the screen saver for a couple of days, but then I get this pop up again.

Can I do something about that myself?

(The author of the screen saver does not run macOS Catalina)

Consult your Security settings

assuming that the screen saver is installed in ~/Library/Screen Savers/ (which is the normal place), enter this in Terminal:

find "$HOME/Library/Screen Savers/Today.saver" \
-exec xattr -r -d {} \; -print

It will go through and remove the “Quarantine” flag on each file (whether it has it or not) which should allow the screen saver to bypass Gatekeeper and be opened normally.

(n.b. Technically you don’t need the -print part, but otherwise it won’t show anything as it works, which can make some people wonder if it’s doing anything. With -print it will show each filename as it is processed, giving you something like a progress indicator.)

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Since it only occurred every few days I can’t report success yet, but time will tell…