Screen Scape Address from Webpage

Anyone have any ides how to scrape a address off a webpage? All the addresses I am looking for are U.S. addresses, so should be pretty standard, US address example below. I am currently planning my fourty week 2019 RV trip across the country. I’ve come across a lot of places I want to stay. I find the need to get those address into my GPS without manually typing them in. If I can get them into contacts, I can export or Sync that contact group with my GPS easily enough.

I have Keyboard Maestro and Hazel and of course automator & Apple script on the iMac, and workflow on the iPad

Jim’s RV Campground
123 Anywhere Place
Nowhere, CA 12345

Interact Scratchpad does exactly what you’re looking for, but unfortunately, the developer has discontinued it.

I recommend checking out Cardhop by Flexibits (the same folks who develop Fantastical).

You can copy and paste an address into Cardhop and it will automatically parse the data into the appropriate fields. For example, here’s what it did with the example you shared:



Cardhop looks like a good replacement for Interact Scratchpad. I’ll have to check it out.

I recommend checking it out. Flexibits offers a 21 Day Free Trial so that you can put it through its paces.

Thanks will try to free trail and see if it works out

If you ever come across an address that you can’t copy and paste, try Condense on the Mac. It will extract (OCR) the part of a web page that you drag over with your mouse cursor. It hasn’t been updated in ages, but still works. I recall someone else mentioning a similar app once that does the same, and might be more recently updated, but I don’t recall what it is.

There’s another app called Prizmo that sounds similar to Condense. I’ve used it a few times and it worked well.

I don’t need it that often and am not sure I’d be able to justify the price…but it’s now included in Setapp and it’s nice to know I have it at my disposal, if needed.

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